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Make Like a Tree: Professional Tree Care can handle all of your tree care needs!

     Make Like a Tree uses trimming techniques proven to keep your trees beautiful and structurally sound. Removing dead and dying branches will make your tree safer and more attractive. Our Certified Arborist knows which limbs to cut and how to cut them.

     Trees that have reached the end of their life span, been damaged by storms, or have become diseased, present a safety hazard and must be removed. Special skills and tools are required to do this safely. Hire a Certified Arborist to ensure that your work is done professionally and safely.

Stump Grinding:
     Our Vermeer SC352 Stump Grinder can handle any stump. It can fit through a walk- through gate to get into the back yard.

     Proper nutrition is essential for trees to stay healthy. In a natural setting, trees are nourished when leaves and grasses are decomposed back into the soil. In an urban environment, however, leaves and yard waste are removed before they can be utilized by your trees. Fertilizing will help keep your tree healthy and allow it to better resist insects and other pathogens.

Pest Control:
     There are many different species of pests that can harm your trees. We offer a wide range of treatment options to ensure success. In many cases, (ie. Pine beetles) once a pest has attacked you tree, it is too late help. In these cases, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Treating the tree, in the spring before the beetle hatches, is the best way to protect your tree from attack. We offer both topical aplication as well as a systemic injection. In the case of Oyster Shell Scale ,dormant oils may be applied in late winter or early spring to help control the problem.  We can also help control aphids and spider mites.

     Improper planting techniques can cause serious harm to your tree, often leading to early decline and even the death of your tree. Trees that are not planted correctly also may pose a danger to you and others if they fail. At Make Like a Tree, we use planting standards accepted by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).   




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